Orange is one of the fruits traditionally harvested in our region. The quality offered by our small family farms and the care and commitment that farmers put into their daily work allows us to offer you an orange of proven quality capable of satisfying the most exquisite palates. Green Therapy del Sur, aware of the importance of this product in its business, puts at your disposal the varieties most demanded by customers, always with the quality and the first level service that we put in each one of our clients.


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This navel orange (navel) is harvested between October and November. The fruit has a very attractive reddish orange color with a relatively pronounced longitudinal grooves, good caliber and excellent quality of consumption.

This variety is especially appreciated by Green Therapy del Sur, due to an early harvest product we strive especially to be of excellent quality and reach the consumer in unbeatable conditions.

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It is possibly the queen of oranges, very suitable for your consumption for table and juice. It is of a beautiful size, slightly oval, very color attractive and easy to peel.

In Green Therapy del Sur we offer you the best oranges of our region, in the best conditions of commercialization. Available from November to January and always with the top quality that Green Therapy del Sur offers..

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Navel Lane Late

This orange is characterized by being of medium to large size, rounded or slightly oval shape. The bark is noticeably thinner than the navelina and also easier to peel.

Green Therapy del Sur offers you navel lane oranges very juicy and sweet, with high juice content, the right degree of acidity and seedless. It is one of the later varieties and is available from January to May.